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System and Criteria Based Dash Board View for Project Control & Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129158D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-29
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System and Criteria Based Dash Board View for Project Control & Management The invention is divided into two parts:
* System to collect live information about the status of various sub components that are associated with a state of a project
* Tree-View to see the various sub-stages that are associated with the project based on the criteria to modify the perspective

Here is a high level overview of the system that will be used to collect the information from various sources:

In the above pictures the status collection aspect can be distributed across multiple locations physically. For example, the development status is collected from different sites that are located around the world. This will allow independent and distributed development and status collection.

Criteria: The criterion is set of very high level business driving forces which are priority based. The criteria by themselves form the requirements which lead the project. For example, if one of the type of criterion is 'customer-type' and the list of driving requirements are: 'e-bay', 'Amazon' etc. If 'e-bay' is a higher priority customer and we want to re-arrange the deadline of the entire project for 'e-bay', then the driving force can be changed with priority being 'e-bay'. This will lead the dash board to update the status of the individual 'pre-requisite' management systems that are distributed across.

The various management systems will automatically update any decision made at the dash-board to allow various pre-requisites and co-requisites be managed and updated according to the new priority.

Dashboard Tree View: The dashboard is a view that will help to the management see...