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Feedthrough Interface Connecting Device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129199D
Publication Date: 2005-Sep-30
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The present disclosure provides an interconnection method and device to interconnect electronic modules such as a hybrid to a feedthrough pin with less operator and process dependent.

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Feedthrough Interface Connecting Device


    In the field of implantable medical devices, connecting feedthrough pins (which pins may be externalized to the medical device) to hybrids contained with the device have been accomplished by making individual connections by hand from each feedthrough pin to each metallic pad on a hybrid. Some prior art methods for joining the pin to the metallic pad include: soldering, applying conductive adhesives and welding. These methods require operator skill and depend for their success on precise process control which can, if not performed with care, can have variable results resulting in unacceptably low yields, higher manufacturing costs and, consequently, lost revenues. A need exists to make the connecting of the feedthrough pin with the hybrid much less operator and process dependent.

Detailed Description

    The present disclosure solves the above and other needs by providing an interconnection method and device to interconnect electronic modules such as a hybrid to a feedthrough pin.

    As shown in FIG. 1, the interconnection occurs between the feedthrough pin 10 and an electronic module 20, which may be a hybrid.

    FIG. 2 shows another perspective view of the pin 10 and the hybrid 20. The pin 10 may be made from an electrically conductive metal and the hybrid 20 and may be a rigid or flexible dielectric insulator. A sheet may be used to form the hybrid. Also shown is an interconnect device 40 that accepts the pin 10. The interconnect device...