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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Volume 1 Number 2 -- News and Notices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129328D
Original Publication Date: 1979-Oct-01
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News and Notices

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Copyright ©; 1979 by the American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Inc. Used with permission.

News and Notices

Policy. Notices of activities relevant to the history of computing are invited. They may include announcements of collections, conferences, exhibits, films, publications, and recordings, together with a brief description of the contents and the background, as appropriate. -- W. Buchholz, Editor

Recordings by Pioneers of Computing

The Science Museum in London is preparing a series of archival recordings edited from interviews with many of the leading computer pioneers. The interviews were conducted by Chris Evans of the National Physical Laboratory. The following quotation from the Science Museum's information sheet describes the project:

It's scarcely more than 25 years since the first practical working computers came onto the market, and yet in this brief period computer technology has made dramatic advances and has had a far-reaching effect on the lives of everyone. Because of the rapid spread of what is undoubtedly one of mans most significant inventions, the historian of the topic finds himself in the unusual position of having direct access to the pioneers of this science, many of whom are still maintaining an active interest in research. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Science Museum, with the support of the National Physical Laboratory, has commissioned Dr. Chris Evans to conduct a series of 30 taped interviews with some of the most distinguished scientists involved in the early days of computing. Dr. Evans, a psychologist and computer scientist, recorded the interviews on high-quality recording equipment and the tapes have been professionally edited and transcribed onto cassettes, each approximately one hour in duration. The result is a set of unique tapes, "Pioneers of Computing," giving invalu...