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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Volume 10 Number 1 -- Happenings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129544D
Original Publication Date: 1988-Dec-31
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Copyright ©; 1988 by the American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Inc. Used with permission.




The Happenings department reports on events -- past, present, and future -- that are of particular interest to the history of computing. Of primary importance are recent meetings that are of historical significance. Few meetings concentrate solely on history, but many contain sessions that can be recorded in this department. Organizers of historical sessions and meetings are urged to appoint a person with the specific responsibility of writing a report and submitting it to this department. They are further encouraged to tape-record sessions and to create a photographic record that can be deposited with one of the computer archival establishments, such as the Charles Babbage Institute, the Computer Museum, or the Smithsonian Institution. Conference planners are specifically referred to Appendix B, Conference Organization, in "History of Programming Languages" (Richard I. Wexelblat (ed.), New York, Academic Press, 1981), for a description of the preliminary steps that may be taken to obtain and record historical materials presented in a conference setting.

This department will also present news and notices of forthcoming activities that are of historical value. These may include conferences, exhibits, projects, awards, publications, and general memorabilia. Contributions should consist of a brief description of the activity, highlighting its specific relevance.

Finally, this department will contain citations of prominent dates in the history of computing. Readers are welcome to submit suggestions. These must include the day, month, and year of the event, and should be accompanied by a statement of the source used for verification.

The ACM Conference on the History of Scientific and Numeric Computation, Princeton, New Jersey, 13-15 May 1987

The ACM Conference on the History of Scientific and Numeric Computation, sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery in cooperation with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and held at Princeton, New Jersey, 13-15 May 1987, brought together many of the pioneers of numerical analysis and scientific computing. This conference, the second in an ACM series on the history of computing, was organized by Gene H. Golub of Stanford University and Frank L. Friedman of Temple University. The conference was dedicated to the memory of two outstanding numerical analysts, both recently deceased: J. H. Wilkinson and Peter Henrici.

In the keynote address Herman H. Goldstine, Executive Officer of the American Philosophical Society, presented both the perspective of a historian of science and the reminiscences of a participant in the history. He gave several examples from the history of astronomy to illustrate the role of computation in science: Ptolemy in about 150 A.D., when he found h...