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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Volume 10 Number 2 -- Reviews Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129565D
Original Publication Date: 1988-Mar-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-06

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Copyright ©; 1988 by the American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Inc. Used with permission.




The Reviews Department features reviews of films, audio and videotapes, exhibits, and publications relating to the history of computing. Full-length studies of any technical, economic, business, social, or institutional aspect of the history of computing will be given a complete review. Dissertations, articles, and other studies of interest to Annals readers will be listed in a section on "Other Literature," with full bibliographic citation and notes on its nature and availability. From time to time we will also invite longer essay reviews on important research topics, the published literature on these topics, and further opportunities for research.

Most reviews are solicited, but colleagues are encouraged to participate by indicating their wish to review a work or by suggesting titles to the Reviews Editor. NB: Reviews without bylines are by the editor.

Slater, Robert. Portraits in Silicon. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1987; 374 pp., $24.95 (ISBN 0- 262-19262-4).

Caddes, Carolyn. Portraits of Success, Impressions of Silicon Valley Pioneers. Palo Alto, CA: Tioga Publishing Company, 1986; 138 pp., $45.00 (ISBN 0-935382-56-9).

There appears to be a sizable demand for easy-to-read books about the personalities associated with currently popular topics. Computing is currently popular so here are two similarly named but quite different books about computing pioneers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists which are aimed at the general public. Since the books contain biographical material about a diversity of leaders in computing, they deserve mention in Annals.

The Caddes Portraits is a near coffee-table size photographic album of 61 men and one woman, each portrayed in a striking 91/2 inch square black-and-white photograph facing a single page biographical puff sketch plus some notes about the brief interactions between the photographer and her subjects. Although none of her photo session exposures exceeded 90 minutes, she does venture these generalizations about her models.

The portraits in this book record bright, healthy people: energetic, driven, intense, aggressive, disciplined, and self-assured leaders. Some are sensitive and thoughtful. Are they ruthless? Probably some are. Most are workaholics, but when asked, all tell you that their families come first ... They thrive on the creativity, the challenge and the competition, the camaraderie and the victories. The continual rush of adrenalin is addictive. Luck was a major ingredient in several careers.... The book itself, although massive and outsized, is attractive. Of particular interest among the brilliantly composed and splendidly printed photographs are the pair taken of the Fairchild Eight as they were in 1959 and then in the same pose in 1985. Caddes' inclusion of ...