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The National Applied Mathematics Laboratories -- A Prospectus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129580D
Original Publication Date: 1989-Dec-31
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E. U. Condon (1947)

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Copyright ©; 1989 by the American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Inc. Used with permission.

The National Applied Mathematics Laboratories -- A Prospectus*1


with foreward by

E. U. Condon

Categories and Subject Descriptors: K.2 [Computing Milieux]: History of Computing -- hardware, people, systems. G. 1 [Mathematics of Computation]: Numerical Analysis. K.6 [Computing Milieux]: Management of Computing and Information Systems. General Terms: Management, prospectus Additional Terms: National Bureau of Standards, National Applied Mathematics Laboratories


E. U. Condon (1947)

In these days when so much emphasis is properly being placed on economy in Government research operations, it is important to take advantage of the substantial savings which can be effected by substituting sound mathematical analysis for costly experimentation. In science as well as in business, it pays to stop and figure things out in advance.

Applied mathematics is on the threshold of revolutionary developments which will permit numerical answers to be obtained to physical problems at hitherto undreamed-of speeds. It has seemed to me for some time that a strong, easily accessible federal applied mathematics center, operating with low overhead costs, providing economical, but competent computational and consulting services, and performing forward-looking research in the newer methods of applied mathematics, is a necessity in the national research program. It is now proposed to establish such a center as a unit of the National Bureau of Standards. The specifications for this center, as set forth in the following Prospectus, have been worked out after much study and many consultations with qualified representatives of industry, educational institutions, and private groups. A modest and conservative scale of operations is proposed for the immediate future, with considerable emphasis on long-range research intended to develop methods of permanent value. However, ample elasticity has been provided in the plans to meet unforeseen demands upon the organization.

It is my expectation that the new center will make an important contribution to the development of our scientific resources and their application to national security and peacetime technology.


A prospectus is herein set forth for a federal center of applied mathematics, to be operated as a division of the National Bureau of Standards of the Department of Commerce. The center is to be known as the National Applied Mathematics Laboratories. It will specialize in numerical and statistical analysis, and will undertake to offer various services in these fields, and carry on a

1 *Internal report of the National Bureau of Standard, Washington, D.C., 1947.

IEEE Computer Society, Dec 31, 1989 Page 1 IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Volume 11 Number 1, Pages 13-29

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