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Anecdotes: Thoughts on Software Engineering Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129597D
Original Publication Date: 1988-Mar-31
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Bernard A. Galler: AUTHOR [+2]


University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

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Copyright ©; 1989 by the American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Inc. Used with permission.

Anecdotes: Thoughts on Software Engineering

Bernard A. Galler

University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

The NATO Software Engineering conferences were very exciting. There was a "crisis" in the software field. Everyone was aware that hardware was moving ahead rapidly, and we could see the potential of the use of computers, but we couldn't see how we could exploit the new technology adequately with the "craft mentality" that we all had in generating software. Every piece of software that was at all complicated needed an expert who could comprehend and coordinate it all, each program or system had its own subtleties and bugs, and we didn't understand how to test them with real assurance that they would work.

It was time to treat the discipline of software as just that, a scientific discipline. We had to begin to study software, and the generation and maintenance of software, as fields worthy of study, with the hope that these activities could be formalized and controlled. We hoped that a conference of the most involved people in the world could bring some organization and understanding to the field, and subsequently influence, both academics and industry to support such study, and -- perhaps most important -- transfer what was learned about the technology into their practice. We had all watched while IBM...