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Comments, Queries, and Debate: Notes on Babbage, Aiken, and Bowditch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129644D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Dec-31
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I. Bernard Cohen: AUTHOR [+2]


5 Stella Road Belmont, Massachusetts 02178 U.S.A.

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Comments, Queries, and Debate: Notes on Babbage, Aiken, and Bowditch

I. Bernard Cohen

5 Stella Road Belmont, Massachusetts 02178 U.S.A.

In my article on Babbage and Aiken (Annals, 10, 3, 198 ~, p. 385; also Supplementary Note 2,
p. 191), I discussed the number of copies of H. P. Babbage's autobiography. On page 185 reference was made to three copies: one in the British Library (London), another in Japan, and a third in New Zealand. The second of these may now be described more accurately. This was the author's own copy and contains a few emendations in long-hand. It is inscribed "Received 24 November 1914. Wrong copy no. 2 green." I am informed by Roger Gaskell (formerly associated with Pickering and Chatto) that this book formed part of a Babbage collection which "came from two sisters, descendants of CB, living in Ireland, and passed through Maely's auction in Dublin." This whole collection is now in Waseda University Library in Japan. The other copy to which I referred on page 185 was the one belonging to Dr. Stuart Barton Babbage, who [some time after 1972] moved to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

In Supplementary Note 2 on page 191, I made the supposition that the date to be assigned to this book was 1915, the date of three inscribed copies. The information about the Waseda University copy shifts that date to a year earlier, 1914. In the supplementary note, I referred to a set of three copies of the autobiography: the one in the British Library, Stuart Barton Babbage's copy, and a copy belo...