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Original Publication Date: 1990-Jun-30
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Deutsches Museum Museuminsel 1 8000 Munich 22 Germany

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Helmut T. Schreyer

Friedrich L. Bauer

Deutsches Museum Museuminsel 1 8000 Munich 22 Germany

Translation of a 1984 Obituary Notice for Helmut Schreyer

I herewith fulfill the sad duty to report the death of my friend, fraternity brother, and former colleague, Prof. Dr. Ing. Helmut Schreyer.

Helmut Schreyer was closely associated with me from the year 1936 on. He helped me with the construction of the first computer model and he had the crucial idea to replace the electromagnetic relays in that type of computing machine with vacuum tubes. This made him one of the first pioneers in the field of electronic computers. Regrettably he could not continue his promising work after the war. In Brazil he found a new field of endeavor.

Helmut Schreyer became known beyond Germany and Brazil because of his work. In closer circles he was regarded as a pleasant and always good- humored friend.

In quiet sorrow, Konrad Zuse.

Helmut T. Schreyer (1912-1984)

The name of Helmut Schreyer is virtually unknown.

Our students do not hear the name. The widely available history book of Charles and Ray Eames does not mention it. Schreyer himself refrained almost totally from publishing his work. There are only a few hints in the literature: Brian Randell gave room to his work and published a short memorandum which Schreyer wrote on October 15, 1939 (Randell 1973); P. E. Ceruzzi gave more details (Ceruzzi 1983); Wilfried de Beauclair presented the name and the...