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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Volume 12 Number 3 -- Happenings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129668D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Jun-30
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Dr. Oliver B. R. Strimpel Named Executive Director Of The Computer Museum

Dr. Oliver B. R. Strimpel became Executive Director of The Computer Museum, Boston, January 29, 1990. The appointment was made by the Museum's Board of Directors following the recommendation of a special committee after a rigorous national search.

While the Museum interviewed many outstanding candidates from across the country, Dr. Strimpel's leadership, vision and organizational skills convinced us that he should lead the Museum into the next decade, said Dr. David Nelson Board Member and Chairman of the Museum's Search Committee. We were also impressed with the extraordinary job he did as Acting Executive Director while the search was going on, Nelson said.

When Dr. Strimpel arrived as Curator of The Museum in 1984, he brought with him a vision of the importance of computers and how they could be used in exciting interactive exhibits to reach a wide public, profoundly affecting the museum experience. He has moved The Computer Museum into the forefront of interactive computer exhibit design; recently the Museum has begun to export exhibits to other museums and technology centers around the world.

Dr. Strimpel was specifically responsible for the Museum's most successful permanent exhibitions, The Computer and the Image and Smart Machines, two 4,000square-foot galleries with more than 60 interactive stations. The Computer Museum's most ambitious exhibition to date, the giant Walk-through Computer -- opening to the public June 23, 1990 -- was also Dr. Strimpel's idea, attracting more than $l million in funding through his leadership.

The Computer Museum is fun, says Dr. Strimpel. It's a place where everybody can learn about computers by hands-on exploration. And its unrivaled collection of computers preserves the birth of computing for posterity.

(Image Omitted: Dr. Oliver B. R. Strimpel)

Over the next few years, we will make the Museum an even more exciting place with a series of dramatic new galleries that span cutting edge technology, the evolution of computers, and their impact on how people live and work. To serve the national and international audience who cannot reach our site, we will continue to build traveling exhibits and distribute software to museums and science centers around the world, he said.

Dr. Strimpel became the Museum's Acting Executive Director last July when its last director left to return to the computer industry. Before coming to the Museum, Dr. Strimpel was Curator at The Science Museum, London, from 1979 to 1983. There, he was in charge of the national collections of mathematics and mathematical instruments, and computing and data processing. Dr. Strimpel helped set Up major exhibits including The Challenge o...