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Comments, Queries, and Debates: The Private cabbage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129699D
Original Publication Date: 1992-Mar-31
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Comments, Queries, and Debates: The Private cabbage

Anthony Hyman

38A Downshire Hill Hampstead NW3 UK

In his article "The Private Babbage" (Annals of the History of Computing, Vol. 13,No.2,p.128),M.
R. Williams writes

(Image Omitted: Although Georgiana [Mrs. Charles Babbage] regularly visited the senior Babbage residence in Totnes, Devon...)

It might have been as well to write

(Image Omitted: Georgiana often visited Charles' parents' residences in Teignmouth.)

There is actually little direct evidence of Georgiana ever visiting them in Totnes, though it is quite likely during the years when they were probably living in Totnes, from 1815 to 1823.

I was unable to find any direct evidence in the Totnes rate books of Benjamin Babbage residing in Totnes. However, it is easy to miss such evidence, and I am writing in the hope of encouraging someone else to make a further study of the source material in the Devonshire Record Office.

When Babbage was at school in Totnes, perhaps for two years from 1808 to 1810 (the period is uncertain), he would most likely have spent the holidays and perhaps even weekends in Teignmouth. Totnesians in 1871t recalled Charles going to school from his father's house, but such anecdotal evidence 60 years after the event needs confirmation.

A detailed study of eighteenth-ce...