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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Volume 17 Number 2 -- Front Matter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000129873D
Original Publication Date: 1995-Jun-30
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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Vol. 17, No. 2, Summer 1995 [Front matter]

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Copyright ©; 1995 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Vol. 17, No. 2, Summer 1995 [Front matter]

Departments Calculators - Earl E. Swarklander.....5 Calculator and Antique Instrument
Collectors Convention Computer Collecting in Australia

Comments, Queries, and Debate - Werner Buchholz.....7 Hollerith Machines - Geoffrey D.
Austrian Churchill's Early Reference to Automatic Calculators - Eric A. Weiss

Happenings - Geoffrey Bowker.....55 Historical Electronics Museum Calvin C. Gotlieb Receives
First IFIP Isaac L. Auerbach Award Computer Society Awards Presented at Supercomputing 94 IBM Scientist John Cocke Receives Medal from President Clinton Historically Brewed, the Magazine of Computer History Calls for Papers Association for History and Computing Aims and Activities The Historical Collection at the Computer Museum Reunion Planned for Those in WW 11 Code-Breaking Project John von Neumann Memorial Trip Restoration of the TDC Mark 111 Aboard the USS Pampanito

Anecdotes - James Tomayko.....62 System 360 Floating-Point Problems

Biographies - Eric A. Weiss.....64 Obituaries: Calvin Mooers, George R. Stibik, Allen W.M.
Coombs Obituary: Derrick Henry Lehmer - Harry D. Huskey George W. Petrie III: Memoirs

Reviews - Peggy Kidwell.....75 Donald Cardwell, The Fontana History of Technology - Kellie
Smillie Allan Bromley, The Babbage Papers in the Science Museum Library: A Cross- Referenced List - Martin Campbell-Kelly Dirk de Wit, The Shaping of Automation - James W. Cortada Michael A. Cusumano, Japan's Software Factories - David K. Allison Mark E. Rosheim, Robot Evolution - John A.N. Lee Peter H. Salus, A Quarter Century of UNIX - Richard Lynch

  (Image Omitted: The IBM Type III A tabulator, equipped with features developed in Germany, shows how programming was done on plugboards. (Source: IBM Germany company archives.))

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