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Automatic Adjustment of Backlight and Audio based on Ambient Light and Noise Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130499D
Publication Date: 2005-Oct-25
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This invention addresses two problems:

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Automatic Adjustment of Backlight and Audio based on Ambient Light and Noise

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This invention addresses two problems:

Problem 1: Using a mobile device in low-light conditions frequently requires additional illumination. One solution is for the user to activate a backlight on the device. The problem with this approach is that it requires direct user intervention (often requiring two hands). In addition, if the backlight shuts off automatically, the user may need to repeat the process multiple times. Another approach to the problem is to always turn the backlight on. Many mobile phones use this approach. The problem with this solution is that the backlight is not always necessary. So, battery power is unnecessarily wasted.

Problem 2: If the user is in a particularly noisy environment, it is frequently difficult to hear the audio alerts from a mobile device. To address this situation, the user must either configure the default alerts so that they are at their loudest setting, or explicitly switch to a "Loud" profile when entering a noisy environment. The first solution is unappealing since it requires the user to tolerate loud alerts even in quiet environments. The second alternative requires that the user know that they are going to be in a loud environment and explicitly switch into and out of a different alert mode when entering and leaving this environment.

By including a low-cost light sensor on the device, it would be possible to automatically turn the backlight on or off based on the user's actual light conditions. The backlight mode could be configured into one of two (or possibly more) states - Manual or Automatic. In Manual mo...