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Original Publication Date: 1978-Sep-01
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203: The Oregon Report: Proceedings of the Conference on Computing in the 1980's, March 20-22, 1978 -- 266 pp.

This IEEE Computer Society sponsored conference examined the problems being created for the 1980's by the events of the late 1970's. Six sessions covered computer systems organization, software engineering, personal computing, data base systems, education and training, and basic technology. The proceedings present 39 papers on these topics, as well as concluding analyses of the papers. Non-members -- $20.00 Members -- $ 15.00

180: Digest of Papers -- Eighth Annual International Conference on Fault-Tolerant Computing, June 21-23, 1978 -- 226 pp.

These proceedings offer 27 long papers on such topics as system design and evaluation, self- test evaluation, test generation, compact testing, distributed systems, I,SI-based design and evaluation. design verification, and design for testability. Also included are 2fi short papers on similar topics.

Non-members -- $25.00 Members -- $ 18.75

178: Proceedings, 15th Design Automation Conference, June 19-21, 1978 -- 493 pp.

This annual conference, cosponsored by ACM SIGDA and the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Design Automation, deals with the adaptation

of the basic processes of design automation to many technologies. This year's proceedings present approximately 70 papers covering such topics as computeraided mapping, printed circuit board layout, testing methodologies, integrated circuit layout, computer-aided documentation, and software engineering tools.

Non-members -- $25.00 Members -- $18.75

162: Proceedings, Symposium on Micro" computer Based Instrumentation, June 12-13, 1978 - 104 pp.

Sponsored jointly by the National Bureau of Standards, the IEEE Computer Society, and the IEEE Group on Instrumentation and Measurements, the symposium examined the application of microprocessors to industrial and scientific instrumentation. The proceedings consist of 15 papers covering topics such as microprocessors in process control and microcomputers in biomedical applications.

Non-members -- $13.00 Members -- $9.75

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