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Original Publication Date: 1978-Nov-01
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Interactive Graphics Devices

Guest Editor's Introduction

Anthony P. Lucido
Texas A&M University

The new user of interactive graphics systems probably doesn't know much about the tradeoffs and options involved with using interactive input/output equipment. And there are few sources of introductory material on the subject. This issue attempts to provide such a source.

In this spirit, you will find an article by Ohlson that discusses graphics input devices -- joysticks, tablets, light pens, etc. Ohlson describes the basic operation of the devices and some of the applications in which they may be effectively employed.

Interactive display devices are covered in the articles by Preiss and Lucido. Preiss discusses the direct view storage tube display and its operating environment; Lucido reviews directed beam cathode ray tube display technology.

Rounding out the issue, Machover presents an informal history of computer graphics based on his personal experiences with the technology from the days of Whirlwind to the present. Finally, Capowski

i discusses...