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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 3 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131288D
Original Publication Date: 1978-Mar-01
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Software package for Graphic 7

A new Sanders software program automates all the necessary functions within the Graphic 7 interactive display system and enables users to immediately utilize the display terminal for specific applications.

Sanders Graphic 7 is an intelligent, interactive graphic display system featuring two programmable microprocessors -- a display processor and graphic controller. The system has a universal interface that can be easily adapted to virtually any computer for either local or remote applications. With the new software/ firmware package, GSS-4, the Graphic 7 is a ready-to-use system which requires no user knowledge of the terminal itself. It allows anyone familiar with Fortran to create, generate, and manipulate simple or complex images on the display screen using a variety of input devices.

GSS-4 distributes the processing tasks between the terminal and the host computer. Approximately 75 percent resides in "firmware" in the Graphic 7 read only memory. The other portion, a small software package written in Fortran IV, resides in the host computer.

GSS-4 allows the applications programmer to communicate in user coordinates via Fortran subroutine cans rather than display coordinates. Because GSS-4 enables the Graphic 7 controller to generate images and manage the refresh file, it offloads the central processor for other applications tasks.

GSS-4 provides approximately 50 subroutines including such graphic functions as text, vectors, points, circles, lightpen, cursor, keyboard, scaling, windowing, scissoring, clipping, rotation and smoothing. The package also responds to operator devices such as keyboards, light-pens, and cursor control.

The GSS-4 is priced at $1000 one-time charge for documentation plus $2500 for the Graphic 7 terminal firmware card. Basic system price of the software package is $32,000.

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Trivex minicontroller is compatible with IBM 3271

A minicontroller, expandable from one to eight displays and plug compatible with IBM's 3271 remote controller, has been announced by Trivex, Inc. The Model 0712M system operates at switch-selectable speeds up to 19,200 bits/see and offers remote cluster diagnostics, transaction response time indicator, and selfcheck before going on-line.

IEEE Computer Society, Mar 01, 1978 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 3, Pages 69-80

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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 3 -- NEW PRODUCTS

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