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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 4 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131298D
Original Publication Date: 1978-Apr-01
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New voice data-entry system compatible with IBM CPU's

Threshold Technology has added a voice data entry system that can exist side by side with current keyboard entry equipment and requires no modification of host- computer software.

Where need for mobility or immediate feedback characterize a data entry function, voice input can be a costeffective source data entry method because it requires no keying, handwriting, or data preparation, says the company.

The Threshold 2000 is a minicomputer-based, clustered, intelligent-terminal configuration, which features on-line, interactive communication to an IBM CPU. Communication with the CPU is accomplished through a front-end communications processor via 3270 binary synchronous communication. The system appears the same as one or more 3270 sub-systems to the host processors. It is also compatible, through an integrated communications adapter, with other IBM 3270supported software.

In addition to voice terminals, the system can be expanded to support 3270-like CRT displays, printers, and asynchronous TTY compatible devices, including various data collection terminals. It can interface to multiple IBM host processors through additional adapters. Each minicomputer controller can support 32 voice data entry terminal inputs.

The system's terminal, a Threshold 600, handles voice recognition, speaker reference data storage, and all functions necessary to translate human speech into machine commands or computer-compatible data. An individual can communicate with the host computer from the source level and describe the function he is performing in his own ordinary language. Total operator mobility can be provided with an optional wireless microphone.

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Transparent film shields electronic components

A transparent static-shielding film to protect components and printed circuit boards has been announced by 3M Static Control Systems.

Bags made from this film provide protection from static electricity and constant visibility for PC boards and staticsensitive devices, such as MOS/FET's, C-MOS, hybrid circuits, and some bipolar devices, according to the company.

IEEE Computer Society, Apr 01, 1978 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 4, Pages 98-104

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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 4 -- NEW PRODUCTS

The 3M film uses a proprietary metallic coating creating a Faraday cage to protect sensitive products. The film is designed to keep electrical properties of devices ins...