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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 5 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131311D
Original Publication Date: 1978-May-01
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New scientific hybrid

EAl's new hybrid computer system, called Hyshare, is aimed at the multi-user, multi- task application demands of largerscale simulation and scientific computation laboratories. Consisting of an EAI 3200 digital computer and up to six EAI analog processors, the analog/digital and digital/ analog communications interface employs on-line, dynamic resource allocation techniques which allow analog processors to be assigned to separate tasks or linked together to meet specific application requirements.

Hyshare can function as a digital, analog, and hybrid system at the same time. A real-time monitor and the Hyshare priority structure permit several tasks to proceed simultaneously: (1) a time-critical, interrupt-driven hybrid simulation, at speeds ranging up to 150-250 or more million operations per second; (2) timeshared scientific digital computation, using Fortran, Basic, and other languages; (3) operation of selected analog processors for analog-only simulations and control applications; (4) set-up and checkout of analog/hybrid programs via the digital computer, without disturbing other operations; and (5) compilation of new simulation programs using EAl's ECSSL Program Generation System.

The EAI 3200 digital processor is a true 32-bit word machine with up to one megabyte 1256K) words of 600- or 900nsec cycle time core memory. Up to 16 terminals are accommodated through the system bus interface to which all peripherals and analog interfaces are addressed. Hyshare 600 systems use the EAI 681 10v analog computer, while the Hyshare 700 system employs the large~scate EAI 781 100v analog computer. Both the 681 and 781 are controlled entirely through the digital processor. A wide variety of configurations are available to meet specific user requirements. Hyshare systems, incorporating the company's Multi-Variable Function Generation System, in addition to the analog processors, can operate at digital~equivalent speeds of up to 500 million operations per second.

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Motorola offers dot matrix printer line

Motorola Microsystems has announced four dot-matrix printers to complement its microcomputer development systems. The new line offers a full range of features, including 80 and 132 column formats; 60, 120, and 180 cps; and bidirectional and logic-seeking print heads.

All four printers are equipped with an interface l/O module and an interconnection cable assembly that adapt to the various Moto...