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Original Publication Date: 1978-Aug-01
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R78-102 -- Parhami, B., "An Introduction to the Geometry of Digital Pictures" (12 pp., Arya-Mehr University of Technology, Tehran, Iran)

A digital picture is defined as a set of points on the XY plane with integer coordinates, called grid points, which represent geometric patterns in computer memories. The geometry of digital pictures defines the relationship between the patterns and the corresponding digital pictures. This paper lays the foundation of digital picture geometry by presenting fundamental definitions and initial results, with emphasis placed on properties of straight line segments.

R78-103 -- Parhami, B., "Interconnection Redundancy for Reliability Enhancement in Digital Systems" (23 pp., Arya-Mehr University of Technology, Tehran, Iran)

Even though interconnections are considerably more reliable than other module-level components in a digital system, the unreliability of interconnections contributes heavily to the overall system unreliability when the module-level components are protected by conventional redundancy techniques. This is even more significant when a common bus is used for data

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