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Original Publication Date: 1979-Jan-01
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THE BOOKSHELF Just out. . .

204: MICRO-11 -- Proceedings, 11th Annual Microprogramming Workshop, November 19-22, 1978 - - 160 pp.

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Microprogramming, this workshop covered topics such as the impact of VLSI on microprogramming, optimal generation of microcode, hardware for emulation, signal processing, and microlanguages. The proceedings present 27 papers from the sessions.

Non-members -- $14.00 Members -- $lO.50

215: Tutorial -- LSI Testing, Second Edition, edited by Warren G. Fee, 1978 -- 173 pp.

Emphasizing the understanding of device operation and equipment needs, this tutorial is organized around the topics of test equipment, microprocessor testing, memory testing, and reliability. The 27 papers include discussions of subjects such as test approaches for 4-bit microprocessor slices, test strategies for 16K RAMs, and component burn-in.

Non-members -- $12.00 Members -- $9.00

Recent publications. . .

198: Proceedings of the Second Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care, November 5-9,1978 -- 667 pp.

Application areas examined include medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, computer-patient dialogue medical data bases and information systems, and clinical laboratory testing.

Non-members -- $2 5.00 M embers -- $ 18.75

210: LSI & Boards -- Digest of Papers. 1978 Semiconductor Test Conference, Oct...