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Original Publication Date: 1979-Mar-01
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222: Proceedings 12th Annual Simulation Symposium, March 1416, 1979 -- 361 pp.

'I'hese annual symposia, sponsored by ACM, IEEE-CS, and SCS. provide a forum for exchanging working experiences in the field of digital computer simulation. Included in this year's proceedings are 19 papers on various applications, techniques. and methods.

Non-Members -- $22.00 Members -- $16.50 Recent publications. . .

208: Proceedings of the Second Software Life Cycle Management Workshop, August 21-22, 1978 220 pp.

The workshop brought together 40 researchers and 90 attendees to discuss theory, practice, and technology in managing software over its life cycle. Over 30 session summaries and papers cover topics in life cycle management, modeling, and measurement.

Non-members -- $16.00 Members -- $12.()0

179: Proceedings International Conference on Interactive Techniques in Computer Aided Design, September 21-23, 1978 - 496 pp.

Authors from 14 countries presented 61 papers on six main topics: information management systems for CAD, system architecture, organizational and social implications, man, machine interaction, CAD/CAM applications, and education in the field. Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society in cooperation with four Italian organizations.

Non-members -- .625.00 Members -- $18,75

216: Computer Networking Symposium Proceedings, December 13, 1978 -- 137


Cosponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and the National Bureau of Stan dards, these proceedings present 17 papers covering topics in network evaluation techniques, communications architectures, and network design, interfaces, and protocols.

Non-members -- $14.00 Members -- $10.50

175: Proceedin...