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Original Publication Date: 1979-Jul-01
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THE BOOKSHELF Just out. . .

240: Proceedings -- 16th Design Automation Conference, June 25-27, 1979 -- 567 pp.

This meeting, sponsored by ACM SIGDA and the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Design Automation, covered such topics as LSI tryout, building architectural design, mechanical computer-aided design and drafting, digital design simulation, and test generation and evaluation. These proceedings contain 91 papers.

Non-members -- $25.00 Members -- S 18.75

238: Proceedings -- Ninth International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic, May 29~31, 1979 -- 304 pp.

This symposium explores engineering and computer science aspecta of multiplevalued logic -- algebraic theory, logic design and switching theory, threshold logic design, physical components, and implementationa and applications. Included in the proceedings are three invited addressea and 40 papers.

Non-members -- $22.00 Membera -- $ 16.50

228: Proceedings -- Trends and Applications: 1979, May 17, 1979 -- 146 pp.

This major forum for technical interchange, sponsored annually by NBS and the IEEE Computer Society, addressed advances in ayatema technology which will impact the 1980's. Special emphasis was pieced on distributed processing, including system design, and on routing and protocols.

Non-members -- $14.00 Membera -- $10.50

183: Proceedings -- Fourth International Joint Conference on Pattern Recognition, November 7-10, 1978 -- 1166 pp.

Includes over 200 papers from sessions on statistical methods, cluster analysis, syntactic methods, learning algorithms, perceptual modeling, theoretical problems, image restoration and transformation, feature extraction and picture description, image sequence and scene analysis, character recognition, remote sensing, speech, biomedical and industrial applications, and special hardwares and systems -- plus 15 invite...