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Commercial plasma display announced by Interstate Electronics

Interstate Electronics has put commercial flat-panel plasma units back on the display market by introducing their Model PDA 142. According to Interstate, the PDA 142 plasma display unit, being built under design rights purchased from OwensIUinois, is fully equivalent to the D-141 display unit discontinued by Owens-IUinois.

The 512 by 5I2 alphanumeric/graphic display has a nonformatted matrix. The display is flicker- free with no distortion, has a constant spot size with no drift, and offers excellent display resolution, repeatability, brightness, and contrast ratio, according to the manufacturer.

The PDA 142 has an inherent panel memory, requiring no refresh circuitry for image retention. A translucent projection screen on the rear surface of the panel allows rear projection of other images onto the display surface. The display unit uses address signals to specify a unique X-Y location in the 512 by 512 coordinate array and an operation command to iUuminate points and form images. Single-point or 16-dot-paraUel write/erase modes can be selected.

(Image Omitted: Commercial plasma display Model PDA 142 announced by Interstate Electronics is equivalent to the discontinued Owens-lllinois model.)

A self-contained assembly, the Model PDA 142 includes an necessary drive and display capability to produce images in an 8.5-inch square area on its .5-inch-thick glass display panel. A power supply is provided. When the unit is incorporated into a terminal or display system, the user supplies the character and vector generation circuitry for alphanumeric and graphic display information.

The PDA 142 is priced at $3475 each in OEM quantities of 50 or more, with delivery in 60 to 90 days, depending on factory lead-time commitment.

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Century Analysis releases fully integrated DBMS for NCR users

Plus/4, a fully integrated Data Base Management System developed for NCR users, has been released by Century Analysis.

Plus/4 can be used with existing and new files, at/owing development to continue while present applications are placed under Plus/4's control. Multi-threaded, it can support both batch and on- line processing, permitting terminal users to make complex requests without affecting the performance of other users in the system.

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