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IEEE Computer Volume 14 Number 6 -- THE BOOKSHELF Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131475D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Jun-01
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THE BOOKSHELF Just out. . .

344: Proceedings -- 2nd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, April 8-10, 1981 -- 524 pp.

This conference was held in Paris, organized by INRIA and LRI, and sponsored by a consortium of organizations that included the IEEE Computer Society. The 55 papers in the proceedings are grouped under 14 topic headings, including structure, architecture, parallel programming, software engineering, data bases, scheduling, local networks, and applications.

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333: Proceedings -- 14th Annual Simulation Symposium, March 17-20, 1981 -- 297 pp.

This symposium, held annually since 1968, was jointly sponsored by ACM, the IEEE Computer Society, SCS, and IMACS. The 16 papers in the proceedings survey state-of-theart simulation across a broad range of applications and demonstrate a wide range of simulation languages.

Non-members -- $22.00 Members -- $16.50

363: Tutorial -- Distributed Processing, edited by Burt H. Liebowitz and John H. Carson, 3rd edition, April 1981 -- 640 pp.

Liebowitz and Carson have gathered 64 of the finest papers on distributed processing for reprint in this volume The first chapter is a general overview of the field; it is followed by chapters on technology, communications, intelligent terminals, networks, multiprocessor systems, and data bases. Each chapter has an introduction by either Liebowitz or Carson that gives an overview of the topic.

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343: Proceedings -- Micro Delcon'81, March 10, 1981 -- 162 pp.

Micro Delcon '81 is the fourth annual computer conference sponsored by the Computer Society chapter of the Delaware Bay Section

of the IEEE. Although the conference was originally intended to promote communication among the industrial and educational institutions in the bay area, over half of the papers published here

IEEE Computer Society, Jun 01, 1981 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 14 Number 6, Page 137

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IEEE Computer Volume 14 Number 6 -- THE BOOKSHELF

are from outside that region. Topics include signal processing, software, data management, control systems, hardware, and applications.

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362: Tutorial -- Structured Programming: Integrated Practices, edited by Victor R. Basili and 1. Terry Baker, March 1981 -- 290 pp.

This tutorial is a major rewrite of a previous tutorial on structured programming by the same editors. It provides an integrated set of techniques for use throughout the software development process, i.e., a structured prog...