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Original Publication Date: 1982-Mar-01
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395: Tutorial -- Microcomputer Networks, edited by Harvey A. Freeman and Kenneth J. Thurber, 1981 -- 268 pp.

Whether designed to share information, share resources, or cooperate in accomplishing large processing tasks, networks of small computers, intelligent terminals, work stations, or specialized devices are installed in a wide variety of application environments. This tutorial -- devoted exclusively to systems or networks of microcomputers -- contains more than 30 reprints, as well as case studies outlining a number of networks and approaches.

Non-members -- $20.00 Members -- $15.00

396: Tutorial -- Software Management, Second Edition, edited by Donald J. Reifer, 1981 -- 502 pp.

The second edition of this tutorial provides both beginning and experienced managers with the materials needed to develop a clear understanding of the basic theories, tools, techniques, and skills of software management. Areas examined in the 70 reprints include planning, organizing, staffing, direction, and controlling. Case studies cover such topics as the effectiveness of software engineering techniques and an analysis of resources used in safeguard systems for software development.

Non-members -- $25.00 Members -- $18.75

391: Tutorial -- Programming Productivity: Issues for The Eighties, edited by Capers Jones, 1981 -- 440 pp.

First presented at Compsac 81, this tutorial describes the major issues surrounding the improvement of software productivity. It also looks at the environmental aspects of software development and analyzes the impact of working conditions and tools on human performance in computer programming. The 39 articles included fall into such categories as programming measurements, requirements, and environments, plus alternatives to program ming. Non- members -- $28.00 Members -- $21.00

369: Tutorial -- Data Base Management in the 1980's, edited by James A. Larson and Harvey A. Freeman, 1981 -- 497 pp.

The editors predict an accelerating shift in the 1980's from data-base facilities that focus on hardware efficiency to those that focus on the needs of the user. Their tutorial, initially presented at Compcon Fall 81, addresses tools for data-base access, coupling a programming language to a data base, data-base design, data-base- management-system design, and hardware aids; it includes a three- article introductory section and section overviews

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