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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 8 -- THE BOOKSHELF Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131534D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Aug-01
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This record contains textual material that is copyright ©; 1982 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved. Contact the IEEE Computer Society (714-821-8380) for copies of the complete work that was the source of this textual material and for all use beyond that as a record from the SPI Database.

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424: Tutorial -- VLSI Technologies: Through the 1980's and Beyond, edited by Denis J. McGreivy and Kenneth A. Pickar -- 343 pp.

Designed to strengthen the technical foundation of the microelectronic specialist and to provide engineers and managers with a clear understanding of the issues and major directions in which VLSI technologies will evolve, this tutorial examines the semiconductor industry in its fourth decade of growth and attempts to chart its most likely path of evolution. The market demand for ICs and major US and Japanese IC suppliers are examined, and elements of silicon IC technology are identified and discussed in introductory reviews and a selection of 44 key published papers.

Nonmembers -- $25.00 Members -- $18.75

414: Proceedings -- 12th International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic, May 25-27, 1982 -- 341 pp.

Cosponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on MultipleValued Logic and the Institut d'lnformatique d'Entreprise of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, this symposium was held at the CNAM campus in Paris, France. Fiftythree papers, covering topics such as algebraic and philosophic aspects, circuits and technology, arithmetic circuits, fault tolerant detection and diagnosis, fuzzy logic, logic design, and switching theory, are included in these proceedings.

Nonmembers -- $28.00 Members -- $21.00

415: Proceedings -- Trends and Applications 1982: Advances in Information Technology, May 27, 1982 -- 93 pp.

The National Bureau of Standards in Gaithersburg, Maryland, was the site of this

symposium, cosponsored by the IEEE Washington Section and the Washington Chapter of the Computer Society. The proceedings contain 12 of the 17 papers presented at the symposium on new and advanced developments in such areas as distributed processing, office automation, networking, software, and data base management technologies and applications.

Nonmembers -- $ 16.00 Members -- $ 12.00

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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 8 -- THE BOOKSHELF

384: Proceedings -- Computers in Cardiology, September 23-25, 1981 -- 576 pp


This conference was jointly sponsored by the National Research Council, the National Institutes of Health, the IEEE Computer Society, and three European medical organizations. Working independently or in groups, some 475 authors delivered papers that are presented in these proceedings. Among the subjects covered are arrhythmi...