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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 10 -- THE BOOKSHELF Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131546D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Oct-01
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This record contains textual material that is copyright ©; 1982 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved. Contact the IEEE Computer Society (714-821-8380) for copies of the complete work that was the source of this textual material and for all use beyond that as a record from the SPI Database.

THE BOOKSHELF Now available. . .

421: Proceedings -- 1982 International Conference on Parallel Processing, August 24-27, 1982 - 370 pp.

The proceedings of the eleventh conference on parallel processing include 67 papers on such subjects as interconnection networks, numeric and nonnumeric algorithms, network diagnosis and fault tolerance, data flow and reduction machines, and languages. Also covered are large- scale scientific, MIMD, and distributed processing, special-purpose and array processors, and multi-microprocessors. Nonmembers -- $42.00 Members -- $21.00

406: Proceedings -- International Workshop on Physics and Engineering in Medical Imaging, March 15-18, 1982 -- 292 pp.

In contrast with four previous meetings on a similar theme held between 1973 and 1979, this conference covered a wider range of areas in the fields of both organ and microscopic imaging. The proceedings address technical rather than clinical aspects of nuclear scintigraphy, radiographic imaging, computed tomography, ultrasonic imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and microscopy.

Nonmembers -- $40.00 Members -- $20.00

Recent publications. . .

419: Proceedings -- 2nd Symposium on Reliability in Distributed Software and Database Systems, July 19-21, 1982 -- 171 pp.

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society in cooperation with the ACM and the University of Pittsburgh, the symposium focused on reliability problems in distributed computing systems. Session topics included error confinement, optimistic concurrency control, nested multilevel transactions, network partitioning and cooperating systems architecture, analysis of availability performance issues, fault tolerance in distributed systems and software, and current experimental systems.

Nonmembers -- $30.00 Members -- $ 15.00

418: Proceedings -- 12th Annual International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, June 22- 24, 1982 -- 416 pp.

IEEE Computer Society, Oct 01, 1982 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 10, Page 145

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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 10 -- THE BOOKSHELF

Sponsored by the Computer Society's FaultTolerant Technical Committee in cooperation with the IFIP Working Group 10.4 and the UCLA Computer Science Department, FTCS- 12 accepted for presentation the 51 papers in these proceedings. Architecture, reliable software, software networks, operating systems, design for testability, fault modeling, reliability modeling and evaluation, and diagnosis and recovery are among the topics addressed.

Nonmembers -- $45.00 Members -- $22.50

417: Proceedings -- 1982 Conferen...