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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 11 -- THE BOOKSHELF Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131559D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Nov-01
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THE BOOKSHELF Now available. . .

437: Proceedings -- Workshop on Computer Vision: Representation and Control, August 23-25, 1982 -- 185 pp.

In this workshop, the emphasis was on attempting to define the special problems associated with accomplishing computer vision and on gaining a more thorough knowledge of the relevant variables and their relationships. The issues explored included the representation and control of knowledge and pictorial information, picture databases, motion, matching, and the extraction of intrinsic characteristics. Nonmembers -- $30.00 Members -- $ 15.00

428: Proceedings -- First International Conference on Medical Computer Science/Computational Medicine, September23-25, 1982 -- 547pp.

The increasing use of computers in medical applications is revolutionizing all aspects of medicine -- analysis and diagnostics, education, and research. The transdisciplinary, transnational Medcomp 82 proceedings examine topics which include image and signal processing and analysis; information systems and large databases in medicine and the life sciences; microcomputers, networks, and their impact; algorithmic diagnosis, decision-making, and decision support; system performance evaluation and technology assessment; modeling and simulation; and education for information processing in medicine and health care.

Nonmembers -- $54.00 Members -- $27.00

427: Proceedings -- Compcon Fall 82, September 20-23, 1982 -- 727 pp.

Phenomenal growth in computer communications prompted this annual conference to again consider one of its most stimulating themes -- computer networks -- with particular emphasis on practical and user considerations Distributed systems, device technology, and communications architecture; large-scale, local area, radio, and cable- based networks, applied network management, and network modeling; performance and reliability; teleconferencing and international services, fiber

optic technology applications, and more are included in the proceedings.

Nonmembers -- $54.00 Members -- $27.00

422: Proceedings -- 6th International Conference on Software Engineering, September 13-16, 1982 -- 430 pp.

IEEE Computer Society, Nov 01, 1982 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 11, Page 121

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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 11 -- THE BOOKSHELF

Held for the first time in Asia, in Tokyo, Japan, the sixth ICSE focused on environments for the production of high-quality, user-friendly software. Perspectives in software engineering provided at the conference fall into such categories as quantitative aspects, req...