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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 1 -- THE BOOKSHELF Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131587D
Original Publication Date: 1983-Jan-01
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451: Tutorial -- Distributed Control, Second Edition, edited by Robert E. Larson, Paul L. McEntire, and John G. O'Reilly, 1982 -- 381 PP.

This tutorial summarizes the theory available for decentralized control and indicates how that theory can be applied to distributed computing systems. The main body of the material requires a background in calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations only; reprints of more advanced papers are included for those readers who wish to further pursue distributed control topics.

Nonmembers -- $36.00 Members -- $ 18.00

449: Tutorial -- End User Facilities in the 1980's, edited by James A. Larson, November 1982 -- 503 pp.

Initially presented at Compsac 82, this tutorial discusses trends and techniques that enable nonexpert end users to interact easily with computerized systems and use them to increase productivity. Topics include source data capture, speech l/O, information systems, document composition, of flee automation, and database management.

Nonmembers -- $28.00 Members -- $21.00

443: Proceedings -- Compsac 82, November 8-12, 1982 -- 692 pp.

The Sixth Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference focused on telecommunications software, database design, robotics, systems applications, and software engineering, performance, and quality. Eighty- two papers and 10 panel sessions are included in the proceedings.

Nonmembers -- $54.00 Members -- $27.00

441: Proceedings -- Workshop on Computing to Aid the Handicapped, November 4-5, 1982 - 119 pp.

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society TC on Computing and the Handicapped in cooperation with ACM-Sigcaph, the workshop explored how computers and computing can

IEEE Computer Society, Jan 01, 1983 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 1, Page 129

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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 1 -- THE BOOKSHELF

improve the quality of life and employability of handicapped persons. Session topics include communications, software, interfaces, and systems for sight and hearing impaired users.

Nonmembers -- $24.00 Members -- $ 12.00

440: Proceedings -- 23rd Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, November 3-5, 1982 -- 387 pp.

The 46 papers in the proceedings of this conference, sponsored by the IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Mathematical Foundations of Computing, discuss aspects of theoretical computer ...