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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 5 -- THE BOOKSHELF Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131613D
Original Publication Date: 1983-May-01
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THE BOOKSHELF Now available. . .

4b4: Proceedings -- IEEE International Workshop on Computer Systems Organization, March 29- 31, 1983 -- 227 pp.

Recent trends in computer systems organization have been pulling architects in different directions -- traditionalists are standing by von Neumann architecture; mavericks are proposing advanced architectural features. Believing that a good architecture can be designed only by bringing the opposing camps together, the organizers of this workshop presented sessions that dealt with the impact of programming languages, operating systems, software engineering, VLSI, and microprogrammmg on computer systems orgamzatlon. Nonmembers -- $36.00 Members -- $18.00

4b3: Proceedings -- 15th Southeastern Symposium on System Theory, March 28-29, 1983 -- 354 PP.

This year's symposium had 21 sessions, 10 of which were invited. The proceedings includes 83 papers on system methodology and modeling and simulation; delay, control, radar, and architecture description/verification systems; speech and image processing, industrial, and military applications; and networks, controllers, and manipulators.

Nonmembers -- $45.00 Members -- $22.50

4bO: Proceedings -- Second Annual Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications, March 14-lb, 1983 -- 598 pp.

The PC3-83 theme, "Control of Complexity," implicitly recognized the relationship between computers and communication and their tendency to merge into a single, broader discipline. The conference proceedings contains over 100 papers in seven major areas: computer systems architecture; reliability, availability, and serviceability; computeraided processes; software theory and applica tions; software development and delivery; integrated circuits; and the human element.

Nonmembers -- $60.00 Members -- $30.0t

459: Proceedings -- Micro-Delcon 83, March 8, 1983 -- 90 pp.

Now in its sixth consecutive year, MicroDelcon is a one- day forum that promotes interaction between academic and industrial professionals in the Delaware Bay area. The topics for this

IEEE Computer Society, May 01, 1983 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 5, Page 129

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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 5 -- THE BOOKSHELF

year's six-session program were signal processing, performance evaluation, software, networks, mathematical methods with computer applications, and computer graphics. The.proceedings contains two to five papers on each subject.

Nonmembers -- $24.00 Members -- $12.00

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