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Original Publication Date: 1983-Jun-01
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466: Proceedings -- IEEF2 Infocom 83, April 18-21, 1983 -- 618 pp.

This second conference in the annual IEEE Inf'ocom series, sponsored jointly by the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, demonstrated the explosive growth of the computer communications field. Compared to the 1983 meeting, the 1983 conference of'f'ered almost twice as many (from 19 to 36) technical sessions. The proceedings contains 77 papers on topics that range from theoretical research to practical implementation considerations, from user expcrienccs to social implications, and from standard techniques to deliberately controvcrsial ones.

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465: Proceedings -- 10th International Optical Computing Conference, April 6-8, 1983 -- 221 pp.

The 1983 conference marked a turning point h1 the history of optical computing. Ten years ago, when the series began, the fiery words seemed foolish to many, and as recently as last year, The feeling was one of' progress but not impending success. Now, breakthroughs have made digital optical computing not only fast and low power but also highly accurate. The 41-paper proceedings camlot capture the excitement of'conf'erence participants, but The developments themselves are described hi detail.

Nomnembers -- $36.00 Members -- $ 18.00

Recent publications. ..

464: Proceedings -- IFFY Internathmal Workshop on G,mpuler Systems Organization, March 29-31, 1983 -- 227 pp.

Recent trends m computer systems organization have been pulling architects in different directions -- traditionalists are standing by son Neumann architecture; mavericks are proposing ad ~anced architectural features. Believing that a good architecture can be designed only by bringing the opposing camps together, the organizers of' this workshop presented sessions that dealt with the impact of programmbig languages, operating systems, sol'tware enghieering. VLSI. and microprogramming on computer systems organization.

Nonmembers -- 536.00 !\1embers -- $ 18.00

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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 6 -- THE BOOKSHELF

463: Proceedings -- 15th Southeastern Symposium on System Theory, March 28-29, 1983 -- 354 pp.

This year's symposium had 21 sessions, 10of which were invited. Theproceedings includes 83 papers on system methodology and modeling and simulation; delay systems, control systems, radar systems, and architecture description/ verification systems; speech and image processing applications, indu...