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5. and F. Thompson Bozem B. Thompson Frederick B. Thompson California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California 9 1125

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5. and F. Thompson

  Bozem B. Thompson Frederick B. Thompson California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California 9 1125

8- have the following number attributes: speed

>List the destinations and home port of each ship.
ship dentination home port Ubu New Pork lap l e s


  ASK, A Simple Enow ledgeable System, is a total system f o r the structuring, manipulation and communication of information. It is a simple system i n t h e sense t h a t i t s development concentrated on clean engineering solutions t o what could be done now with good response times. The u s e r i n t e r f a c e is a l i m i t e d d i a l e c t of English. In contrast t o expert ryetems, in which experts build the knowledge base and users make use of thin expert knowledge, ASK is aimed a t the user who wishes t o create, test, modify, extend end make u4e of h i s ovn knowledge bare. It is a syetem for a renearch team, a management o r military rtaff, or a businesr office.

a This paper is designed t o give you a f e e l for the general performance of the ASK System and overview of its operational capabilitier. To this end, the movie you see w i l l continue throughout the talk. Indeed, the talk itself i r a commentary on this background movie. The movie is bona fide end i n r e a l time, it is of the ASK System i n action. (Many of the illustrationn from the aovie are reproduced i n the written paper.)


A. Examlee of ASK Enalieh
To introduce you to ASK, we will start out v i t h

a fev examples of queries of a simple data base concerning ships. The uninitiated user may wish simply to ask:

>Bow many ships are there?


> W h a t is known about ships?
some are in the folloving claeses:

tanker a l l have the folloving attributes: destination
home port
some have the folloving attributes:
cargo a l l have the following number attributes: age


Uaru Oslo Tokyo Kittyhawk Nap lea Boston

Boston --



Alan0 London London lev Pork


North Star London New York Nhitz London Norfolk Saratoga unlr~vn Horfolk >What cities are the home ports of ships vhose destination is London?

Hew York
>Are there ahips that do not have a cargo? ye=
>What is the number of Hew York ships?

There are 2 answers:
(1) Hew York (destination) ships 2
(2) N w York (home port) ships
>How many ahipn are there with lnegth greater than 600 feet?

Spelling correction: "lnegth" to "length"
>What ships that carry vheat go to London or


        ships that carry wheat
London Haru
Oslo Alamo
>Does the Maru carry wheat and go to London?


B. The ASK Data Structures
Although i n the terminology of data base

theory, ASK can be considered a s an "entity- relation" spstem, ASK retains i t s information in records which a r e interLinked i n a semantic net. One reaaoa...