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DP - Command Set Disclosure Number: IPCOM000147973D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Oct-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Mar-28
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Software Patent Institute

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Giuse, Dario: AUTHOR [+2]


DP Command Set Dario Giuse

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DP - Command Set

Dario Giuse

  The Robotics Institute Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15213

10 October 1982

Abstract: This report describes DP, a highly interactive graphics editor th

personal computer. DP is part of a circuit design system that was bl University to reduce the turnaround time between the conception s of prototype electronic circuits.

Copyright @ 1982 Dario Giuse, CMU Robotics Institute

This research was supported by the Robotics Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University.

runs on a scientific t at Carnegie-Mellon L the implementation

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Table of Contents

1. DP run-time environment

1.1 Operating system
1.2 Installing the system on a Perq
1.2.1 Ethernet
1.2.2 Floppy Disk
1.3 Starting the program

2. DP: basic concepts

2.1 The basic elements of a drawing
2.2 Status line and Prompt Area
2.3 Mouse buttons
2.4 Selecting and deleting
2.5 Editing strings
2.6 Windows
2.6.1 Windows and file-names
2.7 Layers
2.8 Check-pointing
2.9 Fonts
3. DP command set

3.1 Basic items

3.2 Parameters and Fonts
3.3 Select and Delete
3.4 Copying and moving
3.5 Symbol-related commands
3.6 File I/O
3.7 Display commands
3.8 Mouse commands
3.9 Unusual Commands
3.10 Miscellaneous commands
4. Advanced topics
4.1 The coordinate system
4.2 The size of a drawing
4.3 Editing items
4.4 Symbols and Instances
4.4.1 Creating a symbol
4.4.2 Symbol names
4.5 Memory allocation
4.6 Alternate input for commands

I. Command set table


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lnt reduction

t allows a designer to the way circuits are

ng. All the semantic formation out of the iter freedom. It also ~ning" of the drawing

s a general illustrating

DP is a highly interactive circuit drawing program that runs on a PERQ computer, create the description of an clcctronic circuit in a graphical form that corrcsponds normally represented in logic diagrams.

DP is a purely graphic editor: it does not try to "understand" what the user is dra interpretation is performed by post-processors that are able to extract electrical drawings. This makes the program itself reasonably simple, giving the designer g~ introduces a clear separation between the tool used to create a drawing and the "m itself, with the result of a much wider range of possible applications.
tZlthough primarily intended as a tool for drawing electronic cjrcuits, DP may be used program, able to draw arbitrarily complex pictures.

Chapter 1 explains how to build the program on a new machine and how to start it.

Chapters 2 and 3 contai...