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PCAL: A Personal Calender Disclosure Number: IPCOM000149092D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Dec-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Mar-30
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PCAL: A Personal Calendar Ircnc Greif

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PCAL: A Personal Calendar

Ircnc Greif

Decelnbcr 29,198 1


This paper is a user's guide to PCAL, tl~c pcrsoniil calendar program available on the M[T-L.CS DFC-20/60. 'rhc program can be ~sed to create and maintain a personal database of calendar infomation including appointmcnts, meetings, classcs (and othcr regularly occurring meetings) and notes.

'This research was supported by the Adv,tnced Rcsearch Projccts Agency of the Ilcpartment oSI~cfensc and was rnonitorcd by the Office of Naval Kcsearch uncicr Corttract Numbcr NOOOl4-75-C-G661.

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Table of Contents

1. lntroduction
2. Overview of PCiBl,
2.1 Functionality of PCAL
2.2 The User Interhcc -- Scrccn J~yout

3. I-Iow to Use PGAII,
3.1 Starting PCAL
3.2 Help Facilities
3.2.1 Iieading Help
3.2.2 Long Help
3.2.3 Forms Help
3.3 The Command Language
3.3.1 Thc Corn mand Line
3.3.2 Filling in Fot-ms
3.3.3 Short Command Lines
3.4 Format of Timcl and Datc Information
3.4.1 Time
3.4.2 Dates
3.5 Wolcs and Access Rights

4. Descriptions of the Commands

4.1 Commands for Adding Items to a Calendar
4.1.1 NOTE
4.2 Commands for Examining the Calendar
4.2.1 LIST
4.2.2 LOOK AT
4.2.3 PRINT
4.2.4 SHOW
4.3 Commands for Removing Items from the Calendar
4.3.2 CANCEP,

. 4.3.3 CLEAR
4.3.4 ERASE
4.4 Other Cornman ds
4.4.1 CH ANG E
4.4.2 CHECK
4.4.3 ESCAPE
4.4.4 QUIT
4.4.6 SET
4.4.7 UNDO

Appendix I -- Plans for Extensions Appendix II -- In~glcnlentalion Notes

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Appenclix % 11 -- List off awimands

Appendix lV - Conmaads in tBae Foams FA%@r Appeadlx V - The PCAl, DSsNay

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I. Introduction

PCAI,, thc personal calendar program, supports a single user in maintaining a record of his appointments.

?'he program is currently available for use on the Ml7' I abo1-atoa.y for Computer Science DEC-20/6O (M 1'1'-
XX on the ARPANIIT). l'his papcr is a dcscripiion of the program: section 2 iq an overview of I'CAL's functionality and of the user interface; section 3 is a guide t3 using the I'CAL; and section 4 contaills details of each command.

 PCAI, has been designed and implemented iis part of a research psojcct on support tools for multi-person information:tl work [Circif and l-Iammer 19HOal. Calendar Inanagcmcnt is an exanlple of an officc activity that involves cooperation and information sharing among groups of co-workcrs. Ideally it calendar program should support co~nmunication protocols fc~r calendar shanng, for negoCating times for meetings, and for informing people of changes to their schcd~~lcs.

[Grcif, 1980bJ.

 Appendix I contains a list of planned extensions to I'...