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Original Publication Date: 1981-Jun-30
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Junc 1981 Glenn Bulrke

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Junc 1981

Glenn Bulrke

This report describes research done at thc L.aboratcrq for Conlputer Scicncc of the PI.iassachusctts Institute of Technolog!?. Support for this resc;irch was pro~idccl in part by National lr~stitutcs of ltcalth grant numbcr 1 1'41 Ill1 01096-04 from rhc I>ivinion of 12esearch Rcsources, and tile Advanced Research Projccts Agency of the 1)cpanment of Defense under Ofice of Naval llesearch Contract numbzr N00014-75-C-0661.

CAM 131< 113Gf'

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  L,SR (for Layered Systcrn Building) is arl intcgratcd set of facilities for aiding in the construction of highly-~nodular, multi-laycr.ed, implen~cntarlon-inde]-?c~~cic~~t

                                                Lisp syslems. It provides for conditiorlal inclusion of source text, doc~l~nentation production, autolnated declarations, and "high-11:vel" definitions. Lisp code colnpilcd wit11 LS13 in general does not require LSR in its run-time env~ronment. 1,S1% has been in us? for some tirr~e in PUP-10 Maclisp, is operational in Multics i\Aacli\p and I'isp Machilie Lisp, and IS being dcvcloped for NIL,.

Thc r~~ditnents
of IS13 were first conceived by Idowell I-lawkinson in early 1978, and he and

John 'I'hompson implc~licntcd a prototype vcl'sion for Mac:lisp d~ortly thereafter. Since then, 1,owell has provided a constant source of ideas and inspiration that has bcen invaluable to the design of LSB.

  Among tllose indivicluals who have contributed strongly to the dcvclopmcnt of I..Sn through tllcir use of it are Bill Martin, Pcter Szolovits, 13ill I.,ong, Kamcsh Patil, flarold Goldbcrgcr, Ken Church, and Ifrij Mas,ind. I'rovjding For their many needs and reacting to thcir assorted experiences has much improved the design and prcscntation of 1S13's facilities. David Moon, Howard Cannon, and Pctcr Szolovits descrvc spccial thanks !br their co:nments on various specific aspects of 1,SB.

  ?'his manual is dedicated to I3ill Martin. who provided most of the ultirnatc support for the work it prcscnrs. New] one for fancy programming tools, Ile ~lollethclcs~
elrlbraccd IaS13 bcca~isc of its contributions to the buildabil~ty of largc, layered system\ - systems dlat might bc m'ide to exhibit intelligence and cxpcrtisc of a high order.


  Any cornmcnts, suggestions, or criticislns will be welcomed. Please send Arp,├▒et\vo~k Inail to 13UG-1 .S13@~h.ll'T-MI,.

'l'hose not on the I~rpanct [nay send 1J.S. mail to

Glenn S. I3urke
I ,ahoratory for ~Computcr Science 545 'l'echnologg Square Cambridge, M;.ss. 02139

'111erc is also an ,2rpa ~lctwork mail dis1ril~itio11 lis~ for ;~II~I~UIICC~ITICIIIS

1?cstai1ling to I.SIJ.

R<l;,ss. (12.130

Contact !he autliur to bc pli~ced on it.

0 C'opyri;:,llt l)!, tllc hl;:cs:~c~l~t:~~~tts

All riel)(s rcscsvcd.

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