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Method for intelligent display of images Disclosure Number: IPCOM000149673D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Apr-03
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In the past years, the advertising industry has introduced the notion of digital pictures displayed as a mean of advertising a product or offering. Also for end users, electronic frame pictures can show pictures, photos that can be conveniently loaded into a chip memory.

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Method for intelligent display of images

The solution proposed by this article is to create an intelligent way of alternating such images. The idea presented here allows creating a solution for automatically alternating images based on specific factors, so that only images that satisfy specific rules could be displayed. By using this idea, images are intelligently alternated based on specific factors, so that only images that satisfy these factors will be displayed.

This disclosure introduces the notion of an image controller. The image controller listens to factor changes and when this happen, it notifies some rules registered for this type of factors, which in turn decide what images to display. The solution is composed of a Controller, a set of rules and the set of images to be alternated. The images are grouped in a predefined set of categories. The categories can be updated and one image can be defined to be part of more than one category.

A sensor has a name for identification and a routine describing how to calculate the value for this sensor. For example, a time sensor has a getTime() routine which reads the current time based on the current timezone. The Controller contains a set of default sensors and the routine associated with each sensor. New sensors can be added to the existing ones. The controller contains a set of default image categories (such as Christmas, Kids, and Vacation). New categories can be added to the existing ones.

A rule defines a set of sensors is listening to, the values that the sensors should take in order to...