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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000168813D
Publication Date: 2008-Mar-28
Document File: 7 page(s) / 237K

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The invention suggests a method of arranging layout or pattern of record entering units such as rows, columns, buttons, icons etc in an electronic record, based on the frequency of their use. The input is defined in real time and based on the same, the layout plan is rearranged.

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[0001]         This invention relates generally to data recording methods, and more particularly to, a method and system for entering data to a record having various field or grids.


[0002]         Maintenance of records is very important and now a day more and more records are stored electronically. While storing the information, an operator needs to enter data in various fields. Generally the data record has plurality of fields, to save different kinds of data. Also a database will have multiple records having multiple fields. The fields are arranged in a particular format and conventionally they are in fixed format. Either the user does not have an option to amend the pattern of the records or it’s a tedious process that needs to be repeated frequently. While entering the information to various field in a record, the user has to go through all the fields, irrespective of whether all the fields need to be updated or not. This process is time consuming and tedious. Some of the solutions suggest usage of a mouse or any other similar user interface devices to select a particular field that need to be updated.  This again is time consuming, as the operator needs to access the user interface frequently. There are many instances where the user updates the fields using a keyboard and in this event the operator has to go through each field using the “ Tab” or arrow buttons in the keyboard.

[0003]         For example, in a healthcare IT system, imaging data acquired in an environment where examinations are generally being order. The user of patient registration system takes long time to add or update patient demographic and encounter information. Even not all grids need input he must take a stop on each grid if he want to use keyboard only. This work is almost done by typing “tab” key to go through each grid.  The grids are pre-defined with a fixed number sequence; it is a time consuming work especially on registering personal demographical information.

[0004]         Thus there exist a need to provide a method and system for improving the workflow of updating information in an electronic record.


[0005]      FIG.1A and 1B is a diagrammatic representation of a workflow automating layout arrangement of an electronic record; and

[0006]         FIG.2A to 2D illustrates various examples for automating layout arrangement of an electronic record.


[0007]         A method of automatically arranging a layout pattern is disclosed. The arrangement is done based on various aspects including the nature of the elements in the layout, the frequency of their usage etc. This results in improving the workflow of updating electronic records.

[0008]         An intelligent self-adaptor input path disclosed in the invention will...