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Resiliently supported piston Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171431D
Publication Date: 2008-Jun-09
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Resiliently supported piston

Modern turbocharged diesel engines produce high pressures in the combustion chambers during the intake stroke of operation. The resulting force on the piston is often so large and long-lasting that it constantly overcomes the mass forces acting on the piston in the opposite direction. The piston pin bearings will therefore be loaded invariably in a direction towards the connecting rod, with no opportunity to release the one-sided pressure on the pin bearing. The pin bearing may thereby be insufficiently lubricated.

An object of the present invention is to reduce the one-sided pressure on the piston pin bearing so that it may be appropriately lubricated. According to the invention, a spring is provided for forcing the piston away from the connecting rod, to thereby counteract the forces from the pressures in the combustion chamber and relieve the one-sided load on the pin bearing. Lubricant can thereby be admitted into the pin bearing also when the piston is in its top end position. 

In the embodiment shown on the diagrammatic and partly sectional side view, a piston 1 is mounted to a small end of a connecting rod 3 via a piston pin 2. A wide end of the connection rod 3 is journalled to a crankshaft 4. A lubricant duct 5 in the crankshaft is capable of communicating lubricant to the bearing surfaces between pisto...