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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177669D
Publication Date: 2008-Dec-24
Document File: 7 page(s) / 1M

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The invention provides an X-Ray detector handle design compatible with current bucky design of film cassettes used with the detector. A handling mechanism is provided with a cassette shaped detector. The handling mechanism might include handles associated with hidden concave area, extendable handle, foldable handle and side sliding handle.

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[0001]   This invention generally relates to X-Ray detectors. More particularly, it relates to an X-Ray detector handle design, compatible with current bucky design of film cassettes used with the detector.


[0002]   Currently, lots of researches are being done to make digital detectors lighter and compact. Along with the endless drive to make detector lighter and space efficient, we will reach a day that both we and our customer anticipate our detector could be used directly onto analog X-Ray system without any upgradation to the available mechanical design.

[0003]    For almost all detector designs around world now, an extended handle area is needed to form a handle.  This means that when we are upgrading current analog system into a digital system, we need to change the bucky design for system.  Based on different designs, method of bucky on different vendor’s system, it is nearly impossible to figure out a universal jig.  However, the globally used film cassette has a standard shape independent of vendor. 

[0004]   Even after adapting a compact design for the detectors, an efficient method is required to handle the same. Within years it is unlikely that detector could be as light as cassette.  Handle could be a must or an appreciated additional feature for customer.  But by simulating the cassette shape there will not be extended area for any kind of fixed handle.

[0005]   Hence it will be beneficial to have a detector having a shape as that of the cassette along with an effective han...