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Cooling and IT Specifications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179049D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-05
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The present publication discloses a solution that allows to adapt the temperature in a Data Center based on the specs of IT resources.

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Cooling and IT Specifications

The present publication discloses an original and innovative solution that allows to adapt the temperature in a Data Center based on the specs of IT resources.

     The average temperature in a Data Center is around 20°C, even if most of the IT resources can easily work at higher temperature (23°C-33°C). Working at higher temperatures should help to use outside air, ease the work of the cooling engines and finally reduce the overall energy consumption. The main problem is, in case of cooling failure, the highest the temperature is, less time you have to fix it. The invention allows help to proactively define what is the best case and the best temperature in the Data Center based on customer rules and behavior.

Components roles and description :

The role of the coordinator is to: Get from each IT resources its specification ; Get the policy rules from the user ; Check the CRACs (Computer Room Air Conditioners) redundancy ; Give the best temperature ; Manage the CRACs in order to adapt the cooling to the requested Data Center temperature.

IT resource specifications: This is the IT resource level operating temperature limits (from min to max).

Policy Rules: Policy rules are rules defined by the user. These rules will help the agent algorithm to perform its computation and provide the most accurate choice. (Examples of rule: Time to recover a cooling failure, maxi temperature expected in a Data Center (human or environmental constraint


CRAC redundancy: Communicate with CRACS in order to understand the availability of the solutio...