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Method for scheduling meetings with complex agendas and variable participation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000182445D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-30
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Current calendaring solutions do not make it easy to schedule meetings with complex agendas and variable attendance.

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Method for scheduling meetings with complex agendas and variable participation

The proposed solution addresses the challenges of scheduling meetings with complex agendas and many participants. It divides complex agendas to various time slots based on the individual agenda item. Each participant has a pre-defined profile. The system automatically determines from the master agenda who is required to attend each slot based on the profile information. This results in one or multiple calendar entries for each participant for the single meeting event. Moreover, the system will also indicate meeting progress and adjust the agenda at real-time based on the availability of each participant. To do this, real-time agenda update will be sent out during the meeting for the remaining items on the agenda.

The solution will time slice meeting invitation for large meetings with complex agendas where mandatory and optional attendance varies by slot on the agenda. Real time agenda updates re-calculate and resend invites, for example, when an agenda item runs longer or shorter than expected, or the order of agenda items is shifted. It will then automatically determine from master invite list who is required to attend based on profile information which could be stored in an email system or from external source such as a phone directory or organization chart ( to generate defaults).

An option for the meeting chair is provided to manually update who is required and who is optional for agenda items . The user will then specify an agenda and time allocated for each agenda item. The interface will allow a hierarchical agenda and provide a simple interface for indicating agenda progress, agenda changes. The solution will allow real time auto notification to join meeting per the agenda. The agenda configuration will allow a configurable buffer for individual invites and agenda item notification to maintain meeting workflow.

When the profile for the invitee indicates that a delegate is acceptable, and the invitee is not available, the delegates free time will be checked for the purposes of scheduling the agenda.

Scheduling interface will assign participants to agenda items and /or categories by default based on information pulled from profile - each participant's schedule profile would contain metadata to point to other sources of profile information e.g. fringe, patent disclosures, and then do a best match of agenda item to profile information which can then be edited by the meeting chair.

The meeting chair schedules one meeting event that results in variable calendar entries for each participant based on when they actually need to attend.

Although participants only receive a...