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A Methodology and System for Fellowship Network Extending in Instant Messaging Applications

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189177D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Oct-30
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As a frequently and easily used communication tool, IM(instance messenger) is deeply linked to our daily life. Lots of people depend on IM to communicate/connect with their family, friends, colleagues and customers etc. The current common approach to get your contacts from IM system, is most likely searching with some key words. Have you ever imaged you can expand your IM contact list by adding/chatting with your friends' friends (i.e., "contacts' contacts" in IM) into your own friend list?

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A Methodology and System for Fellowship Network Extending in Instant Messaging Applications

3.1. Two new boolean type E

EE---Friend properties

Friend properties will created for each general IM users (E-Friend = extended friends):


     - to decide whether the IM user would like open himself , so that he is able to be searched out & reached by his "friends' friends" LinkFriend

- to decide whether the IM user would like to introduce his friends (i.e. those in his IM contact list ) to know each other.

These two properties are added and saved with the IM contact on the IM server .

3.2. A new E

EE---Friend control module

Friend control module is implemented so that:

The E

EE---Friend properties

Friend properties

                  can be got/set from IM client UI by IM users . This can be implemented in same way as how the classic properties are got/set between IM client and IM server .

Chart: E-Friend properies and E-Friend control module


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Chart: What the new IM client GUI is like


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3.3. An new E

EE---Path algorithm

Path algorithm is designed to decide whether an IM user can view his extended friend thru IM :



Path" = "OpenMe" OR "


LinkFriend "

" (E-Path = extended path = path to friend's friend in IM). Take the following exmample :

(1) B has friend B1, B2, B3, B4 in his IM.
(2) Now B newly adds A as his friend (so A and B can chat thru IM , of coz :-))
(3) A can find & chat with B1 (same for B2/B3/B4) when and only when both of the following ar...