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Vehicle appliance mount Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189261D
Publication Date: 2009-Nov-02
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Vehicle appliance mount

Appliances such as refrigerators in vehicle cabins are often secured to mounting brackets by screw joints engaging the lateral faces of the appliance. The mounting operation is troublesome and time-consuming, often requiring specially designed tools due to narrow work space.    

An object of the invention is to provide a releasable appliance mount that allows an easy mounting without any use of tools. According to the invention, the mounting bracket has opposite lateral guide flanges adapted to support pins protruding from lateral faces of the appliance when pushing the appliance into place. Each guide flange has an undercut recess for receiving the pins to thereby secure the rear portion of the appliance to the bracket. A bottom front portion of the appliance is releasably secured to the mounting bracket by a vertical rubber type snap connection.

In an embodiment of the invention shown on the drawing, an appliance 10 is mounted to a bracket 20 as follows:

A) Opposite rear pins 14 (only one shown) of an appliance attachment 12 are guided laterally on opposite flanges 22 (only one shown)when pushing appliance 10 into place.

B) Rear pins 14 engage undercut recesses 24 to

C) vertically secure rear portion of appliance 10.

D) Front portion of appliance 10 is releasably secured to bracket 20 by a snap connection 30. Op...