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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190375D
Publication Date: 2009-Nov-25
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An improved integrated appliance that utilizes a projection technique for displaying key user information is disclosed. The projection technique facilitates projection of user information (for example, a parameter such as the time remaining on a dishwashing cycle) of the integrated appliances (for example, a dishwasher) on a particular area (for example, a floor in front of the dishwasher). The projection device enables the consumer to view user information, even if consumer has a fully integrated door panel (for example, wood front door panel to match kitchen cabinets).

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The present invention relates generally to integrated appliances and more particularly to improved integrated appliances that utilize a projection technique for key user information.

Integrated appliances such as dishwashers are well-known in the art for cleaning food debris from kitchen and dining ware items. A dishwasher includes a number of selectable wash programs, wherein a wash program may be selected by the user depending on the nature of the load (i.e., a "normal" wash cycle, an "economy" cycle, a "speed wash" cycle, a "rinse and hold" cycle, or an "automatic" cycle).

In such instances, the selected wash program may adjust various parameters that affect the particular wash cycle. That is, the selected cycle may have certain "pre-wash" characteristics, rinse characteristics, and "main wash" characteristics, including, for example, particular durations for each cycle segment, the order and number of cycle segments, the amount of water used, and the temperature of the water.

In addition, at some point in time, it is necessary for the user to view parameters such as remaining time of a dishwasher cycle and additional information such as confirmation of a "clean" load.

However a fully integrated dishwasher consists of a consumer-installed panel applied to the front of the door (for example, wood front door panel to match other kitchen cabinets) and results in a fully hidden dishwasher. This eliminates the chance for a user to view information (for example, remaining time of dishwasher cycle) while the door is closed.

It would be desirable for a user of a fully integrated appliance with a consumer- installed panel to view key information or parameters regarding operation of the appliance.

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Figure 1 illustrates an exemplary technique showing a projection device in a fully integrated dishwasher appliance and an image projected on a floor by the device in accordance with the present invention.


Figure 1 illustrates an exemplary technique showing a projection device in a fully integrated dishwasher appliance, in which the projection device is hidden below the appliance door...