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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191112D
Publication Date: 2009-Dec-16
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The present invention relates to an indicator light in an oven. The light switches on automatically when the oven is engaged and goes off when the oven is disengaged. The indicator light will not switch on during the clean cycle to prevent the bulb from burning out. If the user wants to manually override the use of the indicator light, a switch can be a part of the controls.

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The present invention relates generally to home appliances, and more particularly to an indicator light employed in an oven.

Normally, an oven does not have a light on in the oven cavity during the cooking cycle. Some ovens have the option of a plunger mechanism, which turns a light on when the oven door is open. However, this does not serve the purpose of indicating to the user that the oven is still in operation. After a cooking cycle is carried out, the user may forget to turn the oven off. This causes waste of power and other risks, such as short-circuiting, fire, etc. Such problems have not been addressed in conventional home appliances, such as ovens.

It would be desirable to have a means by which a user is able to receive an indication that the oven is still in operation, both during a cooking cycle and after the cooking cycle is complete.


Figure 1 is an exemplary illustration of an oven when it is not in operation, with an indicator light off, according to the present invention.

Figure 2 is an exemplary illustration of an oven when it is in operation, with an indicator light on, according to the present invention.



The present invention relates to a smart indicator light that corresponds to the operation of an oven. If the oven is on and the option to bake, broil etc. is engaged, the oven light comes on automatically. When the oven is disengaged the oven light goes off.  This prevents a user from leaving the oven in operation after completion of a cooking cycle.

The indicator...