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IP.com Daily Certification Record

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194337D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Mar-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Mar-22
Document File: 3 page(s) / 154K

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IP.com Daily Certification Record

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IPBCR000004805 /9mxfYl/Ok0leichl7QWogV0FAIyX8yUGV2DkwSyyD9KBoSG B9XZ/lCx2h7iHAPcDc6sUUSoN7LCX2i9M20OLC130ut1tKyT OiBHhmD7lsoSztBtbR4C8hJD7AcnuMvvs+J2Sc8VSjLGj3hL

IPBCR000004806 q4aU6tifW1m+c5rKafbaitrjDKewIppSqM8MfZqCPx5wdoD7 b8qBdwyzGIOp6O4JI4UrmMPIvqsIq9ZeKBZ3zEElOKOKERg3