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Link state tracking notification frame Disclosure Number: IPCOM000196996D
Publication Date: 2010-Jun-23
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Disclosed is a method of transmitting link-state tracking informations for multiple connection of layer-2 switch.

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Link state tracking notification frame

1. Background

Link-state tracking is a feature that binds the link state of multiple interfaces.

The mechanism of Link-state tracking is as follows.

Some ports are defined upstream ports and some as downstream ports. All relating downstream ports come to down when the upstream ports are link down.

The combination of upstream ports and downstream ports are called "link-state group".

3. Problem to be solved

- In this time, an interface cannot be a member of more than one link-state group.

- There is no mechanism to spreading the link state associated with two or more Link-state groups by one link.

4. False Solution

Switch B can not recognize that the upstream switch (Switch A) lost a connection to Server 1.

The connection between Server 1 and Server 3 has been failed.

5. Sound Solution


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Switch A sends the Link-state notification frame to Switch B and Switch B recognize that Switch A lost a connection to Server 1 (only Link-state Group 1 is failed).

The link between Server 3 and Switch B is move to down state. And failover occur.

The connection between Server 4 and Server 2 (associated with Link-state Group 2) is unaffected.

The link-state notification frame is considered feasible to extend existing inter-switch negotiating technology (such as Link Layer Discovery Protocol [LLDP], Cisco Discovery Protocol [CDP]).


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