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Feature to notify e-mail recipients that a reply is in progress

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197302D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-01
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Disclosed is a feature to notify e-mail recipients that a reply is in progress

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Feature to notify e-mail recipients that a reply is in progress

A user often receives e-mails addressed to several recipients. Many times a user starts working on a reply, but one of the other recipients sends a reply first. Then a user has to rework the reply to acknowledge the other reply, or maybe not send a reply at all. In either case, some amount of time is wasted.

One solution to this is to call or send an instant message to other recipients, and ask if they are

planning to reply and what they will say. However that is potentially disruptive and

time-consuming, especially if the other recipient is not planning to reply.

When a user starts to reply to an e-mail, a user would like to see if anyone else has started to reply to the same note.

To accomplish this when the user begins a reply to an e-mail, the e-mail client is designed to send a short, coded message to the other recipients. The message could be a traditional e-mail, or an instant message if the e-mail client also supports messaging.

If the other recipients are using the same client, the e-mail or instant message will be silently

processed, and the data attached to the specific e-mail message. Then, if one of the other

recipients starts to reply, that recipient would get a pop-up message, "User has started a reply to this message." In that case, the client could offer the option to contact User by e-mail or instant message.

If the other recipients are using a different e-mail or messaging client,...