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Enable a car key to synchronize data with car PC Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198184D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
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This article describe the way to enable a car key to synchronize data with car PC. As car PC becomes increasingly popular, people need a convenient way to synchronize data between car PC and outside.

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Enable a car key to synchronize data with car PC

Car PC becomes increasingly popular nowadays. The car PC is also known as a Vehicle PC, CarPuter, Auto PC, Bus PC, MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) and Vehicle / In-Vehicle Computer. It offers capability of a normal PC such as movie and music, car PC provides features related with car, such as GPS positioning, self navigation, car status monitoring, route calculation, track record and playback. More and more people are willing to equip their cars with a car PC as an extension of a normal PC.

Car PC, as both a normal PC and a special car equipment, needs to exchange data with outside. Here's some examples.
The operating system and applications need to updated with software patches.


Track records need to be exported in order to share with friends.


Car status data monitored needs to be exported for analysis.


People want to update the movies and music files on car PC frequently.


Map data need to be regularly updated to keep it update-to-date.


People want to export the important files they created during the travel.




Typically, people can synchronize data using CD/DVD, USB flash disk and wireless network,

However, these ordinary ways other than wireless, are notconvenient, which requires a lot of manual work. Wireless network looks good, but we have large files to transfer such as movie data, map data and car status monitoring data. Therefore it's expensive, because normally in a car we can only use the wireless services privded by the mobile communication service providers. Also the wireless network speed is slow especially for large size files.

People need a more convenient way to synchronize data between car PC and outside.

The core idea in this article is to integrate the data storage and synchronization function into the car key: when the key is inserted into the car, it could synchronize data with the data in car PC automatically according to predefined settings. Also it can synchronize data with the data in ordinary PC.

For example, the key can be set for software patch downloading and map data downloading. When it is inserted into an ordinary computer by


just like we synchronize data on a normal PC.

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USB interface, it downloads the software patches and map data automatically, and people can copy movies, music data to this key. Then when it is inserted into the car, the data in the key will be automatically synchronized into car PC. Likewise, the data in car PC can be automatically downloaded to the key, and thus synchronzied to ordinary PCs as well.

The advantages:

People don't need extra media but the key to synchronize data.


People wouldn't forget synchronizing the important data between the car and the working computer, because the key is inevitable to drive the



It's much cheaper, faster and more stable than wireless network, and more convenien...