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Inheritance of Correspondence Information Amongst Users of E-mail Programs.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198202D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
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Disclosed is a system which will allow an e-mail system to be enhanced with the ability to reference another individual’s contact lists when authoring an e-mail.

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Inheritance of Correspondence Information Amongst Users of E -mail Programs.

Many times when User A needs to contact User C, User A has been directed to contact User C by User B. For example, consider the situation where a manager needs a direct report to email a contact that the manager has been interacting with via email. For example, the manager sends a message to the direct report , "e-mail John Smith about order XYZ.". Given that John Smith is a common name, the direct report may struggle to ascertain 'which' John Smith his boss was referring to. What is needed is a way to locate the John Smith the manager was referring to or at least narrow down a list of likely candidates based on data gathered from the manager's e-mail system.

The proposed system will allow for an e-mail system to be enhanced with the ability to reference another individual's contact lists when authoring an e-mail. This referencing, or inheriting, from another e-mail user will allow an e-mail program user with context information gathered from another user to better narrow down who the users are trying to correspond with when composing an e-mail. This information would be particularly useful in the auto completion/guessing feature available in the To:, CC:, and BCC: fields of many e-mail applications.

Borrowing from object oriented language terminology, a child will be able to inherit contact information from a parent's contact list, outgoing e-mail, and received e-mail. By doing this, an e-mail author will be able to narrow down who a recipient will be by using correspondence information gathered from a parent. In the system, the parent will be able to designate authority of access of correspondence to a child. For example, a parent might state that a child has access to one's contacts marked as "business", but not as "

personal". After these relationships have

been established, a user's e-mail program can use data acquired from a parent's e-mail program during the population phase of composing an e-mail. For example, given that B's boss has recently written an e-mail to A. S., using this system, when B's employee, J star...